Has it really been over a year?

found drawersGrapefruit anyoneSide panel

Salvaging the mahogony

Grapefruit anyone

drawers cleaned up

   Wow, I really thought I would just tear into writing about my woodworking full boar. So, where have I been? Living life, working, taking care of the family, and woodworking. The past year has been a full one. I have several projects to post here, and I’ll see if I can do better about sharing whats going on in the shop. I think with this post I will start with the project that started me down this slippery slope.
Story behind the project
I was sorting through some boxes and found some old drawers that belonged to my girl friend. They have mahogany fronts with pine sides and bottoms. What I like about them is the pine is salvaged grapefruit crates with the ink labels in tact. I like to salvage and recycle when possible and as it just happens I have some mahogany left over from a project from the late seventies. Now, I asked Mona the story behind the  drawers, and she said that they were found in the basement of her first house when she lived in Michigan around the late seventies.  So in my mind I feel that this just has to happen.

I moved what tooling I could into our one car garage (200 square feet of shared space). Now I have worked in other businesses shops most of my life and the rest of time I have worked on the job site so I’m used to getting by with what is available. Setting this place up and building the project is starting from scratch, I’m looking forward to it.

The design was based on the drawers. What I choose was frame and panel construction on a platform. Above the drawers will be compartment with a lid. Some of the other material chooses again will be salvaged. The knobs and accents will be scrap ebony. The lining for the drawers scrap green velvet from my parents. That’s where I’ll leave today, more tomorrow.

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