A big thanks to Matt Bickford and Lost Art Press

Ok, it’s Saturday morning, and I’ve managed to worm my bench and hand tools back into the garage. I decided to clean up a couple of saws from a nest I picked up a while back. While admiring the etching that surprise me (C. E. Jennings & co. No. 10). I was totally floored. It was about then the postman showed up and handed me a package. I’ve been looking forward this all week. Matt Bickford’s book finally.

I very quickly cleaned up the shop and headed for the easy chair. I opened the book and thumbed through quickly and began breaking the spine. I quickly noticed the layout of the chapters had a distinctive purpose in presenting the material. I found that to be most enjoyable. What I also found very enjoyable was the content is a reference for the woodworker to create, reproduce, moldings that are attainable and repeatable with practice. I also enjoyed the look into Matt’s journey. We all fall into this working in wood our own way with our own reasons and it was quite kind of Matt to share all this with us. I’m sure he never envisioned all this.ImageImage

So, without any further ramblings, Thank you for your good work, and thank you for wanting to.  

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