handsaws and little surprises

once in a while your just tooling along thinking you know how things are going to turn out. And then low and behold life steps up and slaps you on the forehead. So, I’m working on a few saw plates and while sanding one plate thinking this one is an inexpensive saw and would not tell much of a story.  To my little pea brain this was just another exercise in restoring, tuning, and sharpening a hand saw. Don’t get me wrong, I need this exercise, I get better with every tool that crosses my bench. Not to mention I enjoy bring these tools back to life. The first thing I found strange  was the tooth count was very high for what I thought was a two foot panel saw.


15 PPI  for a saw with no back is high, however the plate was covered with paint and rust and was in need of a good cleaning. So after removing the paint and most of the rust I found this, C. E. JENNINGS & CO,  NO 10,(in between the NO and the 10 there is an arrow with a J) Metal Cutting Saw, For copper smiths metal workers & carpenters, This saw can be filed, New York.  There is my answer to the tooth count and I had no clue that any manufacture made a metal saw of this nature. I also have found very litle information on the company. So far a short absract from the Davistown Museum and a few items and comments scattered about.  I really don’t want to continue with the saw plate until I find out the proper set up for this saw. I really would like to stay true to this saw. If anyone has any good info on this saw I’m all ears. Thanks until next time.

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2 Responses to handsaws and little surprises

  1. Did you ever find out more about C.E. Jennings saws? I’m currently searching for more info for a little saw i recently picked up. Not as interesting as the metal cutting saw you pictured which i have never seen one of that nature either.

  2. Tony Leeding says:

    Graywolf, I am situated in the UK and have just bought a C E Jennings 28″ 6 point Saw on ebay.
    Have had it re-cut to spec. and sharpened and set, being a Lifelong Spear & Jackson and Disston
    user this compares favourably with both the above. I do not buy saws to hang on the wall as a display the were made to be used not displayed and that is the reason I purchase them,
    I have Shurley and Dietrich from pre. Atkins Disston and Spear and Jackson from the 19th.C.and Disston from the early 20th.C. up to the ’40’s. The Disstons from the H K Porter era do not count.
    Tony, 76 Trombones and still in Harness.

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